Checking in

The house should be ready for you when you arrive. You should already have a front door check-in / entry code.

Check-in/Unlocking Front Door: You will be provided a personal code for the front door for use during your stay at Pali Hale. To check-in and unlock the door simply enter your code and the deadbolt for the lock should open. If you press the lock button (top) before entering your code it will light up the keypad to make it easier to see.

Locking Front Door: With the door fully shut, press the lock (top) button on the keypad and the deadbolt will lock. After locking the door it’s a good idea to try to open the door to make sure it is fully locked.

If you’ve not received your check-in code, please call or text Mike at 831-251-1364 prior to your arrival to have your entry code re-sent. We will give you a call or stop by typically within an hour of your checking in to make sure everything is good and to see if you have any questions, but don’t hesitate to call or text if you have any questions.

# of Guests Checking in: Important, contact us if there is any change or error in the number of guests booked on your reservation. If you need to add guests to the reservation you may make the change on VRBO or AirBnB or just call or text Mike and we’ll get it taken care of for you. Also, it is mandatory to contact us if the primary adult guest who booked the reservation will not be staying at the house or will be different than the guest who booked the reservation.

If you have any questions about the property please reach out via phone or txt. If you’d like for our caretaker to meet you at check-in and go over the property with you, just let us know. If you see anything that needs attention please reach out via phone or text and we’ll address it ASAP.

There is a printed version of the house guide along with local shopping and restaurant recommendations in the house, it is in the colorful binder.

If you are on Facebook we welcome you to say hi and post photos on our Pali Hale page on Facebook http://