Shore fishing is one of the most popular local activites among locals, and is a vital aspect of Hawaiian culture and history.  Pali Hale is located right in the heart of one of the best fishing bays on the Big Island.  In fact, every year Hawaii’s famous annual Ulua tournament attracts fishermen from around the island to our Puna lava cliffs hoping to catch and land a prized Ulua.  At Pali hale, you can literally walk out of bed and fish off one of Hawaii’s best cliffs for shore fishing every day of the year while enjoying your morning coffee.  While Ulua is the big game fish here, it is generally for the experienced Hawaii shore fisherman. If you’re not quite ready to hunt for a 100lb game fish, you can always fish for Snapper, Nenue, and many other reef fish that are abundant in our rocky surf, as well as night fishing for the famous and abundant Menapachi (Soldierfish). While you’re kicking back fishing at Pali Hale, you’re also likely to spot some of our many Honu (Green Turtle) swimming in to feed in the rocks, or heading back out through the incoming waves. You might also spot a pod of spinner dolphin, or a breaching humpback whale during season. 

It should be obvious but please use care and common sense when fishing from the cliff lines. It’s about a 25′ drop to the rocks below. Do not fish in poor conditions or when waves are crashing onto the cliff top. Use care any time you are near the cliff edges.  We usually have at least one fishing pole available at the house, however we cannot guarantee working condition. Excellent quality Poles/Rigs, Tackle and bait as well as great advice can be obtained at Tokunaga Fishing in Hilo and inexpensive Poles/Rigs and some tackle can also be found at Walmart in Hilo. 

Here are a few good resources to learn about Hawaii style shore fishing. 

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