Pre-Travel Negative Covid Test Steps and Checklist

These are the steps for preparing for travel to Hawaii if you are un-vaccinated and will be using a Covid-19 negative pre-travel test result to enter the state from the mainland. If you are vaccinated you can skip the pre-test and use your vaccination proof instead of a pre-travel test result. You can find the travel steps with Vaccination here . 

  1. As early as possible create a login and profile for each traveler on Hawaii Safe Travels Site
  2. Add your upcoming trip on your Hawaii Safe Travels Site “Trips” page, and
  3. Schedule or order your Hawaii approved Covid Test (only from a Hawaii approved Testing Lab) . Note: If ordering a home test kit from Vault, it’s recommended to order at least 10 to 14 days prior to your trip. Orders made a 7 days prior to your flight may not arrive in time.
  4. Taking your Test:
    1. Home Tests (Vault): Take Home Covid test on Zoom 3 days before your flight (eg: Test on Wednesday for a Saturday flight) and get the test back to a UPS shipping facility as early as possible in the same day, to guarantee it will arrive next day.
    2. Clinic Tests: Take 15min or 24hr result test 2 or 3 days prior to your flight. The day before your flight may not be enough time for the result to return. Do not take a test with a 3 to 6 day result turn around as the result will arrive too late.
  5. Upload your negative test result original document (PDF) to the Documents page on your Hawaii Safe Travels site. You will know it’s been successfully scanned by Hawaii when the Status field reads “Covid Negative” under your uploaded documents.
  6. At least 24hrs prior to your flight, fill out the Health Questionnaire on your Hawaii Safe Travels site. This will create your bar code on your Trips page for the screeners at the airport.
  7. Travel to Hawaii
  8. After you arrive in Hawaii, show the screener your Bar Code from your Trips page in Hawaii Safe Travels site. After the screener checks and validates your information, your Trip page’s “Screened” and “Exempt” statuses will both change to “YES” and Exemption will read “Negative Covid Test”. It will look similar to this¬†
  9. You’re almost done, you may be then be directed to the rapid test area to get your temperature taken, and they will administer a quick nasal swab test (not the original deep swab). And you will be free to go. You do not have to wait for the results. They will contact you if there is anything other than a negative result.
  10. At this point save a screenshot of your Trips page that shows your Bar code, Screened Status = Yes and Exempt = Yes – so that it is handy for getting your Car Rental and your checking in to your accommodations. While waiting for baggage or on your way to the car rental is also a great time to text all your Trip pages to us at Pali Hale at 831-251-1364 (or email to or use the VRBO or AirBnB messengers) so that we have that out of the way can enable your self check-in/door codes.

We are required by Hawaii State & County, but also for everyone’s peace of mind, to verify each guest’s “In Quarantine = no” status upon or prior to check-in and to be able to show the state and county that we verified your status. If after arrival, for any reason you are unable to receive an “In Quarantine = no” status for any persons in your group please call us immediately prior to departing the airport 831-251-1364.